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Mar 20, 2023

Email Bombing: what it is, and what you can do about it

What on earth is email bombing, and how can you fix it?

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The Tale of Peter the Wise


I recently spoke to a user (Hi Peter!) who installed Baxter in the wake of an email bombing. He's one of a few different folks who have discovered Baxter as a result of this unfortunate occurrence.


How it works


For those who are happily ignorant: email bombing is a form of cyber attack where a malicious actor floods an individual's email account with an overwhelming amount of messages, effectively rendering it useless.


In Peter's case, the cybercriminals had somehow gained access to his Amazon account, and the email bombing was an effort to distract him while simultaneously burying email receipts of Amazon purchases they were making underneath a mountain of free newsletters in his inbox. 


Email bombing isn't trivial to pull off, as most websites present Captcha screens to prevent this kind of abusive practice. Unfortunately, the perpetrators of Peter's email bomb had found hundreds of websites with lax security, where bots could easily sign his email up for communication.


email bomb attack


Baxter to the Rescue


Unfortunately for the cybercriminals, Peter fought back, and after trying a few different tools to no avail, he installed Baxter from the Chrome Web Store. 


Baxter's Bulk Unsubscribe button, added right on top of the Gmail interface, turns out to be an excellent way to clean up your inbox after an email bombing. The Unsubscribe button is built to be foolproof, and to Peter's delight, it worked wonders to both unsubscribe from, and delete, dozens of newsletters at once


What's more, Baxter's Automatic Email Labeling helped Peter find other important emails that were buried. He was able to go to the E-commerce folder and see all of the fraudulent Amazon purchases that the scammers had made, and quickly take action to cancel and get refunds from there.


Knowing (and installing Baxter) is half the battle


Peter has changed the password to his Amazon account and, thankfully, is not too much worse for wear. 


Email bombing can be a frustrating and dangerous experience, but with Baxter's email cleaning tools, you can quickly and easily clean up your inbox and get back to business. 


Don't leave yourself defenseless!

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