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May 16, 2023

Streamline your Professional Inbox: Baxter for Education

If you work in education, and use Gmail, Baxter is a huge help in the classroom!

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Streamline Your Professional Inbox with Baxter: A Must-Have Tool for Educators

If you’re a teacher or an education professional, you understand the value of organization. Between lesson plans, parent communications, administrative emails, and professional development resources, your inbox can quickly become a cluttered mess. But what if there was a digital helper to keep it neat and tidy? Enter Baxter!


Why Baxter?

Baxter seamlessly integrates with your Gmail account, helping you sort, label, unsubscribe, and delete emails with unmatched ease. No other tool combines the power of automation with the simplicity of a one-click operation right within your Gmail interface. And with Google's third-party security verification, you can trust that your data is safe and secure. But what makes it truly stand out for educators? Let's delve in.

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Supercharge Your Email Organization

One of Baxter's key features is its robust labeling system. Imagine starting your day with neatly categorized emails - "Parents", "Administration", "Lesson Plans", "School Events", "PD Workshops", and more. With color-coded labels and folders applied by Baxter, you’ll immediately know which emails need your attention first.


Unsubscribe with Ease

Ever find yourself inundated with marketing emails from educational tech companies, textbook publishers, or workshop organizers? While some of these may provide valuable resources, others merely clutter your inbox. Baxter provides a foolproof 'Unsubscribe' button, enabling you to unsubscribe from multiple marketing emails simultaneously. Say goodbye to unwanted distractions and hello to a cleaner, more focused inbox.


Bulk Removal for a Clean Inbox

Teachers often receive emails from various sources like online educational platforms, student information systems, and more. Over time, these can pile up, making it difficult to locate important emails. Baxter's 'Bulk Remove' feature lets you delete ALL emails from a given sender in one click, simplifying your email management and freeing up your time for what truly matters – teaching and learning.

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Auto-Clean for Consistent Maintenance

In addition to its other features, Baxter offers an Auto-Clean service. If you're tired of old notifications from educational apps or past student assignments cluttering your inbox, Baxter will routinely clean it for you. No more manual sorting through old emails – Baxter's got you covered.



In the demanding world of education, every minute counts. Baxter is an invaluable tool for educators, helping you streamline your professional inbox, focus on priority communications, and ultimately save time. Remember, a clutter-free inbox leads to a stress-free mind, and a stress-free mind can educate the leaders of tomorrow more effectively.


So why wait? Install Baxter to your Google Chrome and connect to your Gmail. Experience the magic of a cleaner, less stressful inbox today!

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